Name of the Foundation

Bridge to Better Future.

It is an ANBI organization. This means that donations to Bridge to Better are tax-deductible.




Chamber of Commerce number



How the institution raises money

The Foundation raises its funds by applying for grants from European, national and local governments. In addition, private funds are collected for ineligible costs and for participants to provide additional support.


Management and utilization of the institution's equity

The Foundation's assets consist of subsidy funds that are intended for specific project activities. These are also the main activities that the organization carries out. European, national and municipal grants are all audited by independent accountants.


The Foundation has built up very limited equity. The funds that come in are allocated to the relevant subsidy targets. Under the supervision of the board, the financial policy is implemented by the director of the Foundation. Equity is mainly intended to bridge the periods before grants are received and as pre-financing of the last installments of awarded grants that are only paid out in arrears. This may also allow new initiatives to be set up before they become eligible for grants. The positive balance of the foundation upon the termination of the foundation will benefit other ANBI foundations that pursue similar goals.

Partners and donors

Our dinner activities are supported by private donors