Psychological support


In addition to practical assistance, Bridge to Better also offers support in the field of psychoeducation and trauma counseling. Below you also find a complete list of links of regular mental help,  created by

Bridge to Better focuses primarily on vulnerable foreign nationals who often need help in the midst of complex situations. From this safety net, Bridge to Better itself offers help or ensures that a connection is found with any specialist follow-up help, legal aid, shelter or guidance for work or business.


It is therefore conceivable that the Ukrainian refugee will need help after fleeing the terrible war and perhaps losing family members. Especially where there are long waiting times for specialist help, we want to be a safety net, support and help in parallel.


Bridge to Better has been working with migrants for years and has developed a program to encourage and guide these people. In addition, the team has been trained in a method that can be used in parallel with possible practitioners (7-roses methodology) (  


We guide victims of human trafficking or other abuse and people with other trauma after their flight or long illegal stay to a dignified sustainable life and work. In this process, we guide people in how they can get up and stand up for themselves after abuse, in order to regain their self-esteem and prevent the cycle of a new exploitation.



In all parts, the foundation works together with professionals in the legal, medical and educational fields and with the business community and the Municipality of Amsterdam in order to make knowledge and experience available to this target group. Especially where other assistance stops, for example after a negative decision, we want to offer help and investigate whether, for example, a return is safe. Where necessary, we determine together which (follow-up) assistance is required.