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Information on medical care for Ukranian refugees in Amsterdam.

At large accommodation shelters, medical care for refugees is provided directly on site by Doctors of the World. Medical treatments are also available for refugees.

If you’re staying with relatives or a Dutch host in Amsterdam, you can visit their general practitioner. The basic medical care is for free.


You will be given the opportunity to be vaccinated for free against COVID-19. You don’t need to make an appointment for the basic vaccinations or the booster shot.

Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 can get tested for free. Ukrainians can visit the test locations with or without an appointment. Free self-tests are also available at the locations.

Read more about  Covid-19 vaccinations and testing on the GGD Amsterdam (public health service) website.

Medical care without insurance  IND.NL

Do you urgently need medical care in the Netherlands and do you not (yet) have insurance for this? The costs are compensated if it concerns medical care that cannot be postponed. For example, in case of a life-threatening illness. The compensation comes from a special arrangement for people without insurance. Your doctor or practitioner will request compensation for the costs. Read more information about health care in the Netherlands in Ukrainian, Russian or English. With the new scheme, more will become clear about arranging health insurance.

Explanation of how to arrange medical care for refugees from Ukraine.

Ukrainians who come to the Netherlands because of the war in their country are given special status by the European Union. With this status they can stay in the Netherlands for a longer period of time. But what about the reimbursement of medical care to refugees from Ukraine? For example, do they need health insurance? We distinguish between three groups: 1. Ukrainians staying here temporarilySecurity regions have agreed to receive at least 50,000 refugees from Ukraine. They can travel visa-free for 90 days within the European Union and do not have to apply for asylum to stay in the Netherlands. For the period thereafter, a special arrangement will be made from the EU in which they will receive a protection status for a maximum of one year, which entitles them to housing, education, care and social security. Medical care to refugees from Ukraine is fully reimbursed through the subsidy scheme for medically necessary care for the uninsured. No contribution is expected from the refugee himself. 

Hospitals and other care providers that provide care to uninsurable foreign nationals can apply for a subsidy from the CAK. This must first be reported to the GGD GHOR. Healthcare providers are compensated 100 percent if they meet the conditions. 

2. Ukrainians going to work in the Netherlands

Refugees from Ukraine will soon be allowed to work in the Netherlands, but it is not yet known from when and under what conditions. In any case, employment agencies are booming, because there are plenty of vacancies. 

Ukrainian refugees who go to work in the Netherlands are obliged to apply for health insurance.

For this they must have:

An employment contract

A citizen service number (BSN)

An address in the Netherlands

They can take out health insurance independently, for example via this English-language tool. 

In principle, Ukrainians do not have to apply for asylum to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period of time.      

3. Ukrainians who apply for asylum in the Netherlands
A large part of the refugees will stay here temporarily and (want to) return to their own country when the war is over, depending on how the situation in Ukraine develops. As long as they do not work in the Netherlands, the reimbursement of medical care falls under the subsidy scheme for medically necessary care for the uninsured. However, there will also be Ukrainians who choose to submit an asylum application, for example if it becomes clear that they cannot return safely after the war. Medical care for asylum seekers is arranged through the Medical Care Regulations for Asylum Seekers (RMA). The reimbursement under this scheme largely corresponds to the Health Insurance Act (Zvw) and Long-term Care Act (Wlz). An asylum seeker can take out Dutch health insurance as soon as a decision has been made about his residence application. Has a permanent residence permit been issued? Then the person concerned must apply for Dutch health insurance within 4 months.

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