Thanks to a regulation, Ukrainians with a biometric passport are allowed to stay in the Netherlands for 90 days. This is called the free term. It is possible for Ukrainians with ordinary passports to apply for a short stay visa. This also gives a 90-day stay in the Netherlands. To be eligible for the free term and a short stay visa, all the conditions of the Schengen Borders Code must be met.

The IND has indicated that it will be made possible to extend the free period or the short-stay visa to a maximum of 180 days. Moreover, the IND has indicated that residents of Ukraine who exceed the maximum terms will not experience any problems in connection with the current situation.


Ukrainian refugees must register at the municipality they are (temporarily) staying in. This also applies when you are not staying in an official reception center (e.g., if you are staying at a host family). You have to register in the Basisregistratie Personen (BRP) at the municipality - click the link for more information. To be registered, you should provide proof of identification, like a Ukrainian identification card. It may be the case that your municipality has not yet set up a process for the registration of Ukrainians in the BRP, contact your municipality and ask if registration is already possible. Registration in the BRP is automatically passed on to the IND.

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Register without proof of identification

Ukrainian adults without proof of identification can register at the municipality after they picked up an identification certificate at the Ukrainian embassy. You can pick up the identification certificate on working days between 09.00 and 13.00. The address of the Ukrainian embassy in The Hague is: Zeestraat 78, 2518 AD Den Haag

Ukrainian children without proof of identification can be registered at the municipality together with their parents. In the absence of identification documents, the parents can declare the identity of the child under oath. The child will then be registered at the municipality.

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Refugees from Ukraine with a different nationality

Refugees from Ukraine with a different nationality can register at the municipality if they have identification documents and have lawfully resided in Ukraine. Others may have to go through a verification process where it will be examined whether they should return to their country of origin or should be granted protection in the Netherlands.

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The City of Amsterdam has established an Arrival Centre at Amsterdam Central Station where refugees from Ukraine can register. City staff will help with arranging accommodation healthcare and social services as required. 

How to get there
Ukrainian citizens can access public transport in the Netherlands free of charge by showing their passport or identity card. If the gates are closed, visit the service desk and ask for a free day ticket. The Arrival Centre is located in the East wing of Amsterdam Central Station. Read more information from the City of Amsterdam.