If you are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to the European Union, you will find key information about your rights with regard to crossing the border into an EU country, eligibility for temporary protection, and applying for international protection, as well as the rights of travel inside the European Union.

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Arrival Centre for Ukrainians in Amsterdam

As the war in Ukraine continues, Amsterdam is working to support those fleeing the fighting. Read the latest updates.

24 March 2022

The City of Amsterdam has established an Arrival Centre at Amsterdam Central Station where refugees from Ukraine can register. City staff will help with arranging accommodation healthcare and social services as required. 

How to get there
Ukrainian citizens can access public transport in the Netherlands free of charge by showing their passport or identity card. If the gates are closed, visit the service desk and ask for a free day ticket. The Arrival Centre is located in the East wing of Amsterdam Central Station. Read more information from the City of Amsterdam.

Support for Ukrainians in Amsterdam

Amsterdam residents are joining together with the City of Amsterdam and various organisations to assist Ukrainians. Find an overview of local resources and opportunities for Amsterdammers to help

Amsterdam's business community has responded rapidly to the crisis. Read about how the founders of three tech companies have launched an initiative to help people fleeing Ukraine to reach safety, and find an overview (in Dutch) of the many ways in which you can support Ukrainians in the Amsterdam Area and beyond.

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