Coming to the Netherlands and reception

Refugees from Ukraine do not have to report to the IND when they arrive in the Netherlands. Reception from the municipalities is possible in various places in the Netherlands. 

Last updated: 23 March 2022

Information about travelling to and from Ukraine

You can find frequently asked questions about travelling from Ukraine to the Netherlands on the Netherlands worldwide website. It is not safe to travel to Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be reached day and night on +31 247 247 247.

Travel freely with a biometric passport

Ukrainians with a biometric passport can travel freely to the Netherlands. And stay in the Netherlands without a residence permit for 90 days during the visa-exempt term. You, therefore, do not have to apply for asylum immediately. And you do not have to register at the application centre in Ter Apel right now. This is also not necessary if your visa-exempt term (or short-stay visa) has already expired. Please read more about staying longer in the Netherlands as a Ukrainian.

Applying for asylum is Not necessary
Are you covered by the temporary scheme for Ukraine? Then you do not have to apply for asylum. You also do not have to extend your visa-exempt term or short-stay visa. Do you want to apply for asylum, now or later? Then you have to wait a while before the IND considers your application. The IND will not decide on asylum applications from Ukrainians in the coming months. 

You do not need to report to the IND when you are arriving in the Netherlands. Do you not yet have a place to stay? Special emergency reception centres are opened by Dutch municipalities, for example in Groningen, Utrecht (in Dutch only),  Amsterdam and Maastricht. You can also ask for assistance at all other municipalities. The Red Cross also helps people who need a place to stay. Ask them a question in Ukrainian, Russian or English via Whatsapp: +31 6 48 15 80 53.

You do not apply for asylum at the reception centre. The IND will have a contact person at some of the reception centres. Here you can go with your questions. The reception centres offer sleeping places for every refugee from Ukraine. Everyone who is entitled to stay in Ukraine is now entitled to reception by the municipality.  This applies to:

  • Persons with the Ukrainian nationality

  • Persons with a Ukrainian residence permit. For example, a Syrian with an asylum permit in Ukraine. Or a student from Nigeria with a study permit in Ukraine. 

Medical care without insurance

Do you urgently need medical care in the Netherlands and do you not (yet) have insurance for this? The costs are compensated if it concerns medical care that cannot be postponed. For example, in case of a life-threatening illness. The compensation comes from a special arrangement for people without insurance. Your doctor or practitioner will request compensation for the costs. Read more information about health care in the Netherlands in Ukrainian, Russian or English. With the new scheme, more will become clear about arranging health insurance.